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About us

CNM textil deals with bleaching, dyeing, printing and other special finishings of woven fabrics – cotton, linen (flax), polyester including mixtures of the fibres. Our company owns a production mill located in OSKAVA, in north of Moravia.

We offer fabrics from our wholesale warehouse located in BAŠKA, near to Frýdek-Místek, for immediate purchase (see Fabrics in Meters). In case you have a special inquiry, please contact our sales department (see Contacts).

You can look for products in two ways:
- Catalogue – look at our designs, their colour variations and uni dyed fabrics in an appropriate category: (Bedlinen plain prints, Bedlinen searsucker, Sateen + reverse sateen, Flannel, Children bedlinen prints, Boxer shorts + aprons prints, Hospital stripes, Camouflage prints, Christmas + easter prints, Uni colours, Linen (flax) fabrics).

- On Stock – look at our current offer in an appropriate category. The stock is updated every two hours.

The usual length of the piece varies from 50-70 meters. We do not cut shorter pieces. For the current prices please contact our sales department (see Contacts).

The basic assortment of fabrics is presented in the section Grey Fabrics. Here you can find basic information about fabrics: material composition, weight and weave. The grey fabrics are also offered for sale, minimum sale quantity is one pallet with 2500-4500 meters, depending on the kind of fabrics.

CNM textil owns many certificates which declare ecological production of the mill and certify use of fabrics for hospitals and for children up to 3 years of age. There are international certificates (OKOTEX from Wien Test Laboratory) as well as czech certificates (State Textile Testing Institute BRNO).

The latest technological novelty in the company is a new printing ink-jet machine. It prints on cotton fabrics with reactive dyestuffs, is driven by computer and it ensures wide range of advantages:

  • very high quality
  • unlimited number of used colours
  • unlimited size of a design
  • prints small quantities and their repeating is easy and very faithful
  • is used for sampling before mass production